Our NEW Loxone Smart Home and Business Automation Website

With much anticipation, the time has finally come for us to release our new site for your viewing pleasure. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time ensuring that the site is both easy on the eye and the content is enjoyable. From Loxone Smart Home to Business/Commercial Automation we hope you’ll be able to find all the information you need on these exciting technologies.

If you hadn’t realised it already we are proud integrators of the Loxone platform and are one of the West Midlands leading Loxone partners. Our Smart services range from domestic dwellings to large scale warehouses and hotels. We’re also particularly proud of our continued development in Unique Automation – bespoke control for almost any requirement.

If you’ve found us because your a Smart Home enthusiast you may be interested in reading all things Loxone Smart Homes here.

Or if your interested in our Business or Commercial Automation offerings why not head to our Smart Business section here.

You may know us first hand or by recommendation. Either way if your keen to learn more about Collison’s, the team and our ethos – check out the About Us page here.

All Feedback Welcome

Feedback on the new site, good or bad is always welcome and we appreciate all those who spend the time to get here and take a look around. If you find you would like more information about a particular service added to the site or if you have any general enquiries, feel free to contact us here.

Continued Smart Home & Business Information

The bulk of the Smart Home and Smart Business information on the site will remain the same for easy viewing. However if your after regular updates you’ve come to the right section! We intend to update our blog regularly with all things Smart and Automation. You can choose to check back often or why not sign up to our newsletter at the foot of the site to be notified of all new posts when they become published.

For now – a big welcome and we hope you enjoy what you see. We leave you with a Smart Home teaser below. Loxone Pendulum Slim’s and LED tape lighting being used in formation to create relaxing ambient lighting in a fully automated Loxone Smart Home. Watch this space for the ‘Lighting in your Smart Home’ blog post coming soon…

Loxone Smart Home Pendulum Slim