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Smart Business Hotel lighting Loxone

Unlike homes, commercial premises have had the fortunate development of smart business systems for many years. These have come in the form of;

  • Intelligent sensored lighting in Warehouses.
  • Energy controllers for the utilisation of Renewable sources.
  • Multi-zoned Heating and Ventilation systems.
  • Multi-zoned Intercom systems and Door Access.

And many, many more standalone systems. However very few of these systems have had the ability to be integrated as one solution resulting in overly complicated work spaces involving numerous user interfaces for the control of these systems. The conclusion has often been the requirement to employ a large range of engineers to both use and maintain said systems.

With Loxone we believe we have an intelligent solution to almost any specification, a solution that has the ability to smoothly integrate;

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Security

  • Access Equipment
  • Energy
  • Machinery
  • Plant Equipment

And many, many more would be standalone systems. Whether your after a Smart Building Management System for a Commercial Offices or Warehouses. Perhaps your in need of a all-in-one solution for managing individual Hotel rooms. Or even intelligent management of swimming pools and sauna equipment. We are confident that with our experience in the automation sector combined with the compatibility of Loxone’s automation system we can provide a combined installation that both saves businesses time and inevitably money.

Smart Business Sectors

An example of some of the Smart Business systems we can offer are below – should you have any specific requirement feel free to call us today to discuss.

Commercial Loxone Smart Business System.
Building Management Systems
Unique Automation Loxone Smart Business System.
Unique Automation