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Loxone Smart Hotel Hospitality System.

In an age where technology evolves quicker than we can learn to use it, clients in the Hospitality sector are increasingly turning to Loxone Smart Systems as a means of future proofing their businesses. Loxone itself has many use cases but in particular it’s setup and compatibility align perfectly with;

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Pleasure Boats
  • And Recreational Centres

Hotel guests can benefit from individually controlled heating, lighting and multimedia zones for each and every room in the property. Furthermore access and the ‘switching on’ of each room can be achieved by assigned NFC tags as pictured above.

Restaurateurs enjoy the intelligent use of ambient lighting a Loxone system can offer. In addition, dimmed smart lighting can give their customers a more relaxed eating experience.

Casinos benefit from efficiently run air-conditioning and ventilation systems using Loxone humidity sensors to offer a fresher climate. Moreover, add multi-zoned audio into the mix and the house will be busier for longer.

Loxone Casino Hospitality System.
Loxone Smart Sauna Hospitality System.

Pleasure crafts can bring Loxone Smart Homes from land to sea by utilising presence operated smart lighting and cinema room style multimedia. Subsequently add in a motorised TV lift and automation does super luxury.

Finally recreational centres are spoilt for choice with Loxone’s own range of Pool and Sauna equipment these include temperature and pressure sensors along with an Aquastar smart pool pump. Intelligent lighting and access control are also a popular addition for any fitness style areas.

Give your business the edge over the competition with Loxones Smart Hospitality

Interested in a Commercial Smart System for your hospitality business? Feel it could give you that something extra over your rivals? Feel free to contact us today to see how we can help make your plans come to light. Likewise if your still pondering over the idea why not give us a call anyway – there’s plenty more Loxone use cases to discuss!