Smart Business

Unique Automation

Is their anything Loxone can’t achieve? It’s a question we ask ourselves often here at Collison’s and it always pleases us when we struggle to think of anything. The reality is every electrical appliance can be switched on and off. Therefore in automations most basic form pretty much every piece of electrical equipment can be integrated with Loxone.

Of course smart automation might not sound that attractive if we talk about just turning things on and off from a user interface rather than a switch. However when we think outside the box often magical things can happen.

Loxone Unique Automation Plant Room.

Use Case – Dairy Heating & Cooling Systems

Take the installation pictured as an example. What you see here is the popular renewable dairy cooling system designed by Xchanger Ltd. Those with a keen eye will also spot the green of the Loxone miniserver above. We were approached in 2019 by Xchanger to design a control system that could manage the dairy farms cooling and heating requirements. By using sensor equipment we were able to create a system that distributes heat at various thresholds dependant on when it’s required and when it’s available. Furthermore when required the system activates cooling pumps in order to cool down the herds milk at different times of the day.

Loxone Unique Automation in a Dairy Parlour.

In addition to the original spec we’ve added energy monitoring of both the electrical consumption and the heating consumption – allowing their client to manage finances better. All this information being controllable and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Next on the plan for these particular projects is to add Modbus communication to the Xchanger devices. Doing so will open up a wealth of sensor communication and device control not yet seen. If you’d like to read more about these projects why not check out our popular blog post at Loxone UK – Xchanger – Powered by Loxone

Unlimited Possibilities

The Xchanger system is one example of what we like to call ‘Unique Smart System Automation’. Systems that generally don’t fall into a BMS or Hospitality sector. Quite often these systems are already working examples that require automated solutions. However at times their may be a new prototype in mind that requires some form of unique/bespoke automation.

Here at Collison’s were extremely proud of our continued ability to design the solutions our clients require. If you have a project in mind or are not yet sure how the implementation of Loxone technology could be utilised why not give us a call today to discuss – you may be surprised at the possibilities.