Smart Homes

When considering Smart Homes – Loxone is the standard. For the complete smart home solution you need not look any further than the Loxone platform. With one of the highest IQ servers on the market a Loxone smart home will intelligently automise your home life. From lighting, heating, security, multimedia, energy management, access control and much much more Loxone can give you back the one irreplaceable object of your life – time.

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Loxone Smart Home external, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen

“A harmonious home is a happy home”. With a Loxone smart home the approach is simple – your home should know what it needs to do and when it needs to do it to ensure your home life’s wants and needs are met. Whether entertaining guests in the kitchen of an evening, or sitting down with the family in the living room for movie nights – your home should play the music you love, adjust the heating dependant on the rooms occupied, alter the window blinds position to make use out of the natural sunlight to warm the house and set the lighting mood to suit the atmosphere – and all this should be carried out without the use of a switch or a smartphone!

Loxone Miniserver

Every automation system needs a central hub or brain as it’s commonly known by – in a Loxone system this is the miniserver. Measuring in at not much larger than your average smartphone the Loxone miniserver packs a massive punch with processing power adequate enough to control and manage apartment blocks, hotels and country manors. With both wired and wireless options the miniserver has the intelligence and ability to anticipate the needs and habits of the homes occupiers. Whilst constantly monitoring and adjusting important data the miniserver is able to ensure a comfortable and pleasing home environment.

A Loxone 3D Smart Home
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