Smart Homes

Heating & Cooling

Smart Home Heating – the ability to never have to adjust a thermostat again, that is unless you want to. With a Loxone Smart Home the endless task of adjusting a central thermostat up and down and turning radiator valves to achieve a comfortable temperature in the Living Room or the Kitchen is scrapped. Known as ‘Zoned Heating’ our Smart Homes monitor room temperatures independently from one another and adjusts radiator outputs to accommodate the set temperatures in the Loxone interface.

Smart Home Loxone Valve Actuator controlling heating in a Bathroom.

Loxone Valve Actuator Air installed on a Bathroom Radiator

What this means is that each room be it the Master Bedroom, Conservatory, Bathroom or Living Room is monitored and controlled separately with each room temperature adjusted to suit your needs. A temperature of 20°C might feel comfortable in the Dining Room. However the same temperature might feel too warm in the Bedroom. Finally with Loxone Smart Home Heating as you travel through your home every room will leave you feeling as comfortable as the next – no more central thermostats or radiator valves to adjust!

Smart Home Loxone Pure switch measuring heating in a Bathroom.

More than just heating

Smart Home Heating – it’s more than just a heater! In a Loxone Smart Home your heating is so much more than a conventional heating controller. A Loxone Smart Home knows the size of each individual room in your home and in turn learns how long it takes to warm that room up. Therefore if you want your home to be warm at 5 o’clock in the evening when you return from a hard days work your Loxone heating will have all rooms warmed to their set temperatures just before 5 o’clock to ensure your welcomed to that comfortable temperature.

All devices in a Loxone Smart Home work in unison; by tripping a presence detector in a room not currently set to be heated your home will override the heating period of that particular room making sure you feel warmed without the need of human interaction. In the reverse where a room is set to currently heat it’s operation can be momentarily disabled when a window or door in that particular room is opened ensuring your not wasting any oil or gas. By using this intelligent form of heating your home becomes that one step more environmentally friendly. A Loxone Smart Home can even help reduce your carbon footprint.