Smart Homes


Smart Home LED lighting in a Living Room

Smart Home Lighting – with Loxone your options are limitless. Having developed Smart Homes from the ground up Loxone have mastered the options for efficient, atmospheric smart lighting. Whether ceiling lights, pendants or indirect LED tape lighting is required, with Loxone any option can be integrated into your smart home. With lighting having a significant influence on the users well-being it’s important at the design stage to consider the different uses of ambient, accent and task lighting in every room – at Collison Smart Systems we use our wealth of knowledge and experience to offer the ideal lighting solution for you.

The use of Smart Home Lighting Moods

Whether using Loxone or third party light fixtures in a real Smart Home every lighting circuit is switched independently allowing the user to create a truly customisable lighting experience. We’d often recommend installing;

  • LED spotlighting as ambient everyday lighting.
  • Pendants above dining room and bedside tables as task lighting.
  • and LED tape lighting cleverly integrated into the building fabric to allow for soft accent lighting.

With the use of lighting moods each room is set to use a combination of lighting circuits, dimming levels and colour bands to achieve a varied lighting output. To keep things streamlined we recommend using a maximum of three lighting moods;

  • Relaxing
  • Atmospheric
  • and Bright

How you wish to achieve and set those lighting moods is up to the user and is fully customisable at any time straight from Loxone’s user interface.

Smart Lighting in a Kitchen

More than just lighting

Smart Home Lighting – it’s more than just lighting! In a Loxone Smart Home your lighting is so much more than just lighting. Doubling up as an alarm clock – your Loxone system will gradually adjust the light output of your bedroom over a desired period to provide a softer ‘waking up’ experience. By integrating into the burglar alarm your lighting will be set to flash rapidly to indicate forced entry and deter culprits. Furthermore by being used in presence simulation mode your home will randomly switch lighting circuits at set times of day. Doing so simulates the presence of someone in the home again detering would be burglaries whilst your enjoying your annual summer holiday.