Smart Homes


Loxone Multimedia Smart Home Wall Speaker

Smart Home Multimedia – Multiroom audio and cinema rooms you can consistently rely on.

Tired of the poor quality of sound created from your Google Home or Alexa portable speaker? Frustrated with the abundance of remotes and cables required to switch on the TV of an evening? With a Loxone Smart Home we let you tie all of your multimedia components together in one very neat and user friendly package. Smart Home Audio systems allow you to adjust the source individually for each room. Meaning whilst your cooking in the Kitchen you could be listening to Queen’s greatest hits. However whilst the kids are waiting ‘patiently’ in the Living Room they can be listening to;- Radio 1, their favourite playlists or even the audio straight from the Living Room TV. Furthermore the audio sources can be controlled by a variety of devices such as;

The Loxone user app.

A Loxone Touch switch.

Loxone’s Smart Home remote.

Any IR compatible remote.

Loxone App being used as a Multimedia Controller

More than just Multiroom Audio

Multiroom Audio systems have existed for many years in a variety forms. From Kenwood Hifi’s with analogue speakers to more recent times of Sonos wifi speakers – the options for homeowners have always been vast. However with a Loxone Smart Home, multiroom audio becomes multiroom cinema experiences.

Firstly every room in a Loxone Smart Home has the potential to be ‘the’ Cinema Room. By coupling lighting, blind control, heating and ventilation together along with your audio and video sources be it projectors or TV’s you have the potential to create a truly unique Cinema style experience at the push of a button. Secondly by using the same Loxone detectors used for your lighting, security and heating you can command certain rooms to play your favourite music when you enter without the need to open an App. Thirdly and finally – you decide – with a Loxone Smart Home your options are endless, why not;

  • Play your favourite song when the doorbell is pushed.
  • Alert everyone that the garden motion sensor has been set-off (is the dog outside!).
  • Have a party mode which whilst adjusting the lighting, heating and security also couples all music zones together so nobody wherever in the house misses the songs.