Smart Homes


Smart Home Security System from Loxone.

Smart Home Security – intelligent protection for you and your possessions. In a Loxone Smart Home the users security is of paramount importance – this includes everyone;- Mum, Dad and Children alike all users of a Loxone Smart Home have their own unique identity. This identifier can be used to operate all manor of tasks. However in terms of security it is generally used as a tool for access.

Your Smart Home will ensure that only those granted access to the property are actually allowed to enter. Those living in the property can either carry tags which are scanned in to gain access or they can have their own unique entrance codes. With the use of a Loxone Intercom system those without permission to enter your smart home can be in direct and instant contact with the homeowner through both voice and video – as the user you can remotely allow access into the property through the Loxone app or by creating a one-time code for that person to use.

Loxone Smart Home Security window handle used to monitor door.

More than just a security system

A security systems primary focus should be just that – the security of a property. As a conventional security system Loxone excels in comparison to its many lesser counterparts. However this a Smart System so so much more is on offer. With Loxone’s built in monitoring when leaving the property and setting the alarm you will be informed of all currently open doors and windows ensuring that where required these can be closed. Furthermore any automated blinds and windows can be told to close whenever the burglar alarm gets set, saving time and stress worrying if you had remembered to carry out those particular tasks.

A Smart Home Security deterrent

In the unfortunate event of a break-in as a warning system Loxone incorporates all of the Smart Home features available to it. Any would be burglars have 3 stages of alarm to deal with;

  • Silent Alarm – All Loxone switches start to click and push notifications are sent to all users phones.
  • Audible Alarm – All music zones are set to play the Loxone alarm sound. In addition the 93db external Loxone sounder is set to alarm.
  • Visual Alarm – Firstly the external Loxone sounder is set to display flashing LEDs. Secondly any automated blinds are randomly opened and closed. And finally all of the properties lighting are set to flash randomly to draw attention.

At this point if your intruder hasn’t worked out they’ve walked into a state of the art Smart Home Security system and continues with their initial plan, as a homeowner you would have been notified at ‘Stage 1’ of the alarm giving you plenty of time to notify the appropriate authorities. Whilst you wait any CCTV integrated in the Smart Home can be viewed directly through the Loxone app allowing you to keep an eye on the intruders whereabouts.