Discover Home Automation In One of Shropshire’s Most Outstanding Showrooms

Now a few weeks into 2021, we thought it would be a good time to look back over some of the work we carried out last year. Whilst all our work is completed to the highest standard, there are a few stand-out things that we are really proud of.

One in particular is the showroom housed at Spectrum Architectural Glazing, showcasing everything you need to know about home automation.

Spectrum Architectural Glazing

With a passion for high-performance, low-energy glazing products, Spectrum Architectural Glazing have been installing exceptional windows and doors since 2003. Based in Newport in Shropshire, they live and breathe high-end architectural systems with an expertise, product knowledge and passion that are second to none.

Working collaboratively, we have devised a showroom which enables you to see for yourself exactly how our smart home automation system works and gives you a real feel for how it can benefit your home life.

See home automation for yourself

When visiting the showroom, you will be introduced to the high quality Loxone smart home automation systems. See for yourself how the system works to make your home’s lighting, heating, security and audio run smoothly and effortlessly. 

The showroom is an example of a domestic setting where you can experience all the benefits of a Loxone system for yourself. Whilst there, use the opportunity to take a look at Spectrum’s brand of Internorm windows. Loxone and Internorm have worked together to design a solution whereby their Itec range of windows can be wirelessly integrated into the Loxone platform. The Itec range is a high-end solution of triple glazed aluminium windows with a blind set internally between the glazing, resulting in less chance of damage and less requirement for regular cleaning. The Itec range also includes external storm blinds, window contacts, handle position contacts and MVHR units built into the frames.

Director at Spectrum Architectural Glazing, David John Allen, says “What has really struck me is the autonomy of the Loxone system is working so well, that people don’t notice what is happening until we draw attention to it. We are very excited about this collaboration!

Want to know more? Give us a call today to discuss your home automation requirements. Or, if you would like to visit the showroom, contact Spectrum for further information.